Hello everyone!

I thought I’d create a quickie blog to share info that doesn’t usually fit onto the weekly menu sheet, plus tidbits of information that are useful to people thinking about trying the service, not to mention people (like my mom in Chicago) who just want to follow the lives of Lagusta’s Luscious clients vicariously!

To start us off, please note that as mentioned in last week’s menu sheet, I have changed the beet side dish that was on the schedule for this coming week because of the huge amount of beet-yness that has been on the menus lately. I’ve changed it to: braised baby artichokes with garlic and parsley. Baby artichokes! YUM!

Also, if you haven’t already eaten the refried beans and rice from this week, can I recommend making lovely burritos from them? Just add some high-quality tortillas (in Mexican markets you can often find handmade super fresh corn tortillas, which are divine.), avocado, and chopped lettuce and tomato, if you can find decent specimens of either at this time of year. With the refried beans, Spanish rice, and salsa from your meal delivery, you have a lovely lovely meal. If you want to get fancy, pan-fry the burritos to make chimichangas!

In other news, we should have Kira’s Mix salad mix hopefully as soon as next week! Finally!

OK, off to meet with my ramps forager!


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