of ramps and other deliciousnesses to come

Every week I send a little email to clients who don’t have a standing order to tell them about this week’s menu. If you’d like to be put on this mailing list, check here on Fridays, or just email me and I’ll add you to my list. Here’s this week’s email.

Hello everyone!

Lots of excitement this week!

My forager pal, whose ramps I’ve been buying since he was in high school and who will be going to law school next year (!!!!) stopped by with some wonderful baby ramps. Ramps are wild onions, but their flavor is multi-layered and sharp and wonderful, sort of a garlic/scallion/chive/onion combo. They are not cultivated, so the only way to eat them is to find a trusted forager—mine has been ramp hunting with his mom in the Catskills since he was a toddler. They are only available for a few weeks a year, and are a wonderful way to wake up the palate after a long winter of more hearty meals. They will be popping up in a few guises this week.

Also, it’s tamale week! It only comes around three times a year, because tamales are so incredibly labor-intensive. Even still, I love making them. I usually put on a movie and get my banana leaves and filling and masa dough arranged just so, then settle in for a long night of folding and steaming. It’s very calming and quiet and lovely, and the end result is always a dish I’m proud of.

Here’s the full menu for this week, just email me if you’d like to place an order:

  • Tempeh shepherd’s pie
  • Braised baby artichokes with garlic and parsley
  • Feijoada (Brazilian rice and beans) with seasonal vegetables and homemade lemon-pepper hot sauce
  • Kale and roasted potato salad
  • Fresh corn tamales with chiles, beans and salsa
  • Black bean salad with lime and cilantro
  • Soup: Thai hot and sour soup with woodear mushrooms
  • Salad dressing: Tahini-ginger dressing

One thought on “of ramps and other deliciousnesses to come

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