this week’s lusciousness

Lots of lovelies this week come!

Bonbonista Maresa and I messing around with the beautiful new handmade Bluestocking Bonbons banner!

First of all, Kira’s Mix is available every week from now until wintertime!! Here are the details, let me know if you’d like to set up an order!

  • Kira’s Mix: 4 packed cups (5 oz.) of gourmet salad mix: $8. Our farmer pal Pete Taliaferro makes a great organic mesclun mix that we adore (though it’s named for another farmer, Kira, but that’s a long story). I often snack on it raw, but toward the end of the week I toss it into any cooked meal I’m eating and let it steam for a minute for a burst of fresh green flavor. Most health experts agree that adding dark leafy greens is the number one thing we can do to improve our health. Also, it’s so delicious!
  • Add a cup of homemade salad dressing for $6, 1/2 cup for $3.
  • Salad combo deal! One cup of homemade salad dressing plus 4 packed cups (5 oz.) of Kira’s Mix for $12 (save $2).

In addition, we’ve got:

Szechuan peanut noodles with ground tempeh and scallions. It’s amazing how many restaurants get this simple dish wrong, isn’t it? My version uses delicious soba noodles, lots of slurpable sauce, and well-browned ground homemade tempeh, plus juicy scallions and herbs. You can eat it hot or cold, and four cups of it, which is the Plan A portion, is sort of insanely heavy–two meals at least.

The citrus fruit salad is a personal favorite, it’s so cool and refreshing after the hearty noodles. A good prelude to the wonderful fruits of summer that will be arriving soon(ish)!

On Sunday I’ll be picking up asparagus, scallions, arugula, Kira’s Mix, spring onions, and more from local farms, as well as whatever I can scrounge at the lovely Rosendale Farmer’s Market. Things are looking good.

Here’s the menu, let me know if you’d like to place an order:

  • Szechuan peanut noodles with ground tempeh and scallions
  • Moroccan citrus fruit salad
  • Celery root-almond slaw
  • Picadillo (Dominican stew) with homemade seitan with lime rice
  • Stuffed sweet potatoes
  • Vegetable polenta napoleons
  • Slow-cooked tomato and herb white beans (with the last of my fresh-frozen local tomatoes)
  • Soup: Spiced red lentil soup with crispy ginger
  • Salad dressing: Lime, cilantro, and pumpkinseed oil vinaigrette (super great!!!)

(Every week I send a little email to clients who don’t have a standing order to tell them about this week’s menu. If you’d like to be put on this mailing list, check here on Fridays, or just email me and I’ll add you to my list. Here’s this week’s email.)

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