the Lagusta’s Luscious general store!

Here’s a little project I’m been meaning to do forever: allow my clients and customers access to some of my favorite food (and food-related) products made by other passionate artisans. I’ve really enjoyed curating this list of products, and I hope you love them as much as I do. I’ll continue adding to this list as I gather more lovely items.

To place an order, just let me know what you’d like and I will calculate your total and put it in your food bag for the week.


  • Dr. Cow vegan tree nut cheeses–THESE ARE AMAZING. Sorry to scream, but seriously, they are going to blow your mind. They are pricey, but are 100% natural (no junk like in most vegan cheeses), naturally-aged tree nut cheeses. No soy, so refined crap, just pure fermented deliciousness. I have a stock of their plain aged cashew cheese. It is the absolute most perfect topping for toast, salads, sandwiches–everything. $7 for a 2.5 ounce wheel, which lasts three months.


  • Sweetwater Maple Soda: My sweetheart and I had these in a pizzeria recently, and were blown away. Made from just Vermont maple sap and fizzy water, this soda has a light sweet, refreshing taste. It’s really astonishing–nothing but the most delicate maple sweetness and carbonated water, but so wonderful on your tongue. $2.00 per 8 oz bottle.
  • Sweetwater Maple Seltzer: This maple seltzer is even lighter and more delicate than the Maple Soda. My sweetheart says it’s too plain for him, but I love it. If you love drinking water with just a hint of fizziness and flavor, like I do, you’ll love this. It’s very very dilute Vermont maple sap that is naturally carbonated–it’s just one ingredient! I cannot tell you how great it is. $2.00 per 8 oz bottle.
  • Vignette Wine Country Sodas: These are great! Made from fizzy water and wine-quality varietal grape juice, they are, well, carbonated wine without the alcohol. Once I got in trouble with the police for drinking one as I drove, but when I showed the cop the “no alcohol” on the bottle everything was OK. (I still got a speeding ticket though, so it wasn’t all that OK, actually.). Flavor: Pinot Noir. $2.00 per 8 oz bottle.
  • Fizzy Lizzy fruit sodas: I’ve tried all the fancy-pants “adult [unsweet] sodas” and good old Fiz Liz beats the pants off them all. Nothing but 100% juice and fizzy water, with fresh flavors that are startlingly true to their source. Flavors: Cranberry, and Yakima Grape. $2.00 per 8 oz bottle.


  • The same grapeseed oil we use at LL HQ! The brand name is Salute Santé, (they’re a great eco-friendly company!) and it’s available in 33 oz tins. This is a great, mild-flavored oil that we use instead of olive oil when we don’t want the heaviness, full-bodied flavor, and low smoke point of extra virgin olive oil. It’s light and great for pan-frying or even deep frying. It’s $15 per 33 oz tin (do an internet search: this is a ridiculous deal!!!), and I only have a case of 6, so let me know ASAP if you’d like one!
  • Ironbound Island wildcrafted seaweeds: I adore this teeny company. All their seaweeds are wild, way beyond organic, and hand-harvested off the coast of Maine. Local seaweed! I have dulse, wakame, kombu (which I use instead of animal bones in every soup stock I make), and kelp. $7 per quarter lb.

  • I buy really nice mustard in bulk, and figure I should pass the savings on to you. Organic stoneground mustard, $2 per glass 1/2 cup container.
  • My top-secret vanilla bean source! So top-secret there isn’t even a website I can refer you to to learn more. This is literally just a guy on the island of Maui I stumbled across once who grows the most astonishingly amazing organic vanilla you will ever taste on a 1-acre vanilla bean farm. The price is just as astonishing as the flavor: $2.50 per bean!!! Amazing, I know. You’ll never find fresh organic vanilla beans this cheap—and grown in the USA, too!
  • Dried porcini mushrooms: great for adding a rich, dark, complex, umami-rich flavor to soups, sauces, stocks—anywhere you need a mushroomy boost. I usually rehydrate them in hot water, lift them out after 15 minutes or so, then chop them finely and fry them in olive oil. The water can be strained carefully (sometimes it’s gritty) and used in the recipe to add even more mushroomy flavor. These are the highest grade of dried porcini mushrooms you can buy–big, beautiful pieces that are soft, not hard and brittle and overly dry. $8 per quarter pound.
  • The tastiest grilled, marinated artichoke hearts you will ever find. They come packed in high quality safflower oil that you can use in salad dressings or for sauteeing vegetables, and the artichokes themselves have a deep, full, wonderful flavor. The perfect pair with your Kira’s Mix salad mix, for late night snacks, and just about everything else. $8 per 1/4 pound. Yep, these are crazy expensive. Trust me, it’s worth it.
  • Organic coconut butter: Organic, non-hydrogenated, the perfect oil for baking and frying. I wrote an essay all about the awesomeness of coconut oil, check it out here and be converted! I buy this in large quantities, so I’m able to offer a good deal: $3.50 per 8 oz cup!
  • My secret weapon: garlic vinegar. I make this vinegar every summer with green garlic, organic raw Braggs apple cider vinegar, and just a touch of organic brown sugar. It cures all winter and is ready by the next summer. I use it in everything. It’s so garlicky, yet so smooth. I drink just a few drops when I need a pick-me-up, and use it in vinaigrettes, sauces, soups, everything that needs a little brightness and garlic–which is everything, isn’t it? I have a very limited amount to sell, since I use so much that I need to hoard it for my own cooking! $8 per 8 oz.


Maresa’s porcelain pint and half pint

  • Maresa’s porcelain quarts, pints, and half-pints. My sous chef Maresa makes these gorgeous ceramic vessels, a nod to the ubiquitous cardboard containers we all get at fruit stands in the summertime. I hold ink pads, keys, pins, (and chocolates, of course) in mine.
  • half pints:  3.5 oz,  4x4x1.5 inches  $25
  • pints: 5oz,  4.25×4.25×2.5 inches   $30
  • quarts: 7.5oz,  5x5x2.75 inches     $35
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Countertop Spray: I love this all-natural countertop spray! I have Basil as well as Honeysuckle fragrances. $3 each, 16 oz.
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Scent Diffuser Refills: all-natural plug-in fragrance. Basil fragrance. You can buy a plug-in scent diffuser at many health food stores (Mother Earth’s in Upstate NY carries them) or online here, then buy the refills from me! $4.50 each, .71 oz.


  • In the future, I’m hoping to have enough of my own homemade white miso to sell—I have a big batch going now that should be ready in a few months. Shoyu, too!

17 thoughts on “the Lagusta’s Luscious general store!

  1. wow! Do you think that you will expand your customer base beyond the home delivery crowd ? I realize that shipping becomes an issue but you already ship your truffles/chocos. You have such a great collection of products and Maresa’s vessels look so beautiful.

    • Any time you want to do another trade for shoes, just let me know!! And in general, yep, pretty much anyone can buy stuff–if you’re ever in the New Paltz area and want to pick anything up, just let me know. Or, yeah, I could ship things with chocolates too.

      Thanks for the compliments!

      • Sorry for the delay in replying. You are becoming the vegan shoe queen! I’m always up for some barter so I’ll be in touch soon.

    • I can ship to Canada–just email me with what you want to order ( and I’ll figure out the shipping total for ya and send you an invoice. I don’t have it as an option on the chocolates website because I worry about long shipping times, pricey shipping, and chocolate melting, but if you’re willing to risk it and also put in a chill pack, it’s not a problem for me. : )

  2. Hi Lagusta,
    Are those lovely porcelain pints available now? I’d love to get one and a few vanilla beans.

  3. Sweet, I’ll look out for them. On another subject, have you used coconut cream in the whipped cream “thingy”? I remember you writing about getting one and wondered if you tried that. Oh, and I’ve mentioned it before, if you haven’t been to Warren kitchen & cutlery in Rhinebeck, you should pop in. Lots and lots of kitchen stuff.

    • Yep!! I have. I just put coconut milk in it, and it’s great. The only thing is that you need to take it out of the fridge like an hour before you plan to use it, to let the milk come to room temp so it will come out of the whipper and be emulsified. Are you getting one? Do it!

      I love Warren Kitchen, but I have a little place in Poughkeepsie I like more–it’s a restaurant supply store and I think the prices are maybe 1/2 that of Warren Kitchen…but it is not as fun a shopping experience. I can never remember the name, but it’s right next to the Adams in Poughkeepsie…

  4. Hi Lagusta! I see this page by coincidence and I like it.
    I love your list, you explained every item clearly. FizLiz soda sounds refreshing for me.
    I’ll bookmark this page for sure..
    THank U 🙂

  5. Hi Lagusta,

    Are those lovely ceramic pints available? And, are you in the kitchen in Rosendale today, Sunday? I am going by and wanted to just see if I could stop in and pick up one or two.


  6. Oh dear, you know what—I forgot to mention that the closed sign is always on when I’m cooking–I hope you didn’t come by and didn’t knock or come in because of the closed sign! OY. Just give me a call at 845-255-8834 or email me at the next time you’re in the neighborhood.

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