this week’s meals!

Mushrooms stuffed with mushroom-walnut pâté

Newborn chickpea tempeh

Tempeh cooking in a bath of white wine, pomegranate molasses, spices, and shoyu for the Persian tempeh

Persian tempeh with mustard greens (and flowers), fennel, and broccoli

Beet, cauliflower, and carrot side with fennel-orange dressing

Asparagus vinegar for the asparagus bisque!

Homegrown herbs for the olive oil-fried almonds!

Spinach fettuccine with artichoke-asparagus sauce and pine nut gremolata

Pine nut gremolata

Pine nut gremolata!

Toasting spices for the Ethiopian Wat

Teff muffins with caramelized onions!

Here’s what my client Pam had to say about the muffins:

Oh my, the wat with teff muffin (ingenious alternative to injera) was a
gustatory sensation — I was reminded of the scene in the animated movie
Ratatouille (which I saw with my daughter and you may well have missed) in
which the protagonist rat Remi, a consummate foodie and master chef, is
trying to explain to his brother of more pedestrian tastes, what happens
when you hit upon just the right blend of flavors — this is illustrated by
fireworks and kaleidoscopic colors dancing on the screen, and that is how my
mouth felt while I was eating the wat just now.

Just in case there was any doubt about your talent. (-;

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