a day at Bradley farm

My friend Maresa and I recently paid a visit to Ray Bradley’s gorgeous eponymous organic farm, located about five minutes from my kitchen and exactly 2 doors down from Maresa’s house. We were there to take photos of her lovely porcelain quarts for the general store mentioned above, but I couldn’t resist taking some snapshots of the gorgeousness of a working farm in springtime, too.

I use Ray’s super fancy, chef-coveted produce every chance I get. He used to be a sous chef for David Bouley in NYC, so he knows what chefs want to cook with. He regularly sells amazing handcrafted artisanal products like his own paprika, dried hot peppers, pickles, and much more, too. He sells at some NYC markets, too. Get all the info here.

Farmer Ray!

Our pal Kira farms right down the street from Ray, and on the “beware, farmers” sign like this in front of her farm, another of our friends attached a long braid, Kira’s signature hair style, to the sign. Too cute.





6 thoughts on “a day at Bradley farm

  1. Hi Ray, we thoroughly enjoyed your e-mail with what’s happening this weekend with your produce, and especially the pictures! Was great of Lagusta to take the pictures. Bet her food is delicious! It’s great to keep up with what’s going on with you and the farm. Kudos to Iris for initiating this new service of yours. The farm looks great, such straight rows minus weeds!! Thanks for the goodies. What’s the green leaf group that looks something like arugula? Keep up the good work, happy spring! Love, Peter & Jean

  2. Hello Ray, Love everything about the farm! It looks just wonderful. We look forward to the newsletter. Hope to see you soon! Pam

  3. Hi Ray,
    It is your Brooklyn friend and lover of all your very authentic products. I bought a large jar of your honey and it is so deeeelicious. You can have it with anything! I love it. See you there with the bee screen!

    I was in London so did not have a chance to get to market , but will see you Sat.
    Great shot of Gracie too.
    Love, Erma

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