(more) snapshots from this week’s meals

White beans with lemon, tarragon, and pickled red onions

yellow oyster mushrooms for the mushroom ragoût

yellow oyster mushrooms for the mushroom ragoût

Oh man, I can't get enough of these gorgeous local organic 'shrooms! Gary Wiltbank from Wiltbank farms in Saugerties grows them, and he's just about the coolest dude ever.

Artichokes beginning their simmer for the fettuccine with artichokes barigoule dish.

oysters (grey and yellow) plus shiitakes for the wild mushroom soup with sherry and thyme, as well as the mushroom ragoût

These are scape-type darlings that grow in the middle of the bunches of spring onions I've been getting from Pete Taliaferro. They are too tough to slice and eat, but how otherworldly and lovely are they when playing the role of flowers?

Onions just beginning to grill for the barbecue seitan dish

2 thoughts on “(more) snapshots from this week’s meals

  1. 1) I wouldn’t even know how to begin to cook artichokes like that, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to cook them in a manner that would cause the leaves to be so tender that you could eat the whole thing.

    2)I hope the hearts didn’t go to waste (I’m assuming that would never happen in your kitchen).

  2. Follow the gourmet.com recipe! 🙂
    As far as I know, the entire leaf will never be edible. The tops just don’t have that much meat, you know? And there are the thorns.
    No worries about the hearts–they are still sitting nestled in their little cage of leaves, ready to be eaten.

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