this week’s menu

This week we have a lovely, easygoing menu. Friendly, casual meals that everyone likes. Perfect for these lovely, easygoing springy days.

  • Cuban coconut rice and black beans with plantains. Yep, this is a variation on the classic beans and rice, but it’s sort of ridiculously great, if I say so myself. It’s sweet peppers plus creamy, coconutty rice and black beans cooked in an aromatic broth, with sauteed plantains for a touch of sweetness.
  • Sofrito braising greens: slow-cooked local organic greens with a sofrito, a Latin American (well, originally Spanish) sauce made of finely chopped aromatic ingredients like onions, peppers, tomatoes, and lots and lots of garlic cooked in olive oil. These greens are tender and toothsome.
  • Twice-baked stuffed potatoes with miso-mushroom gravy, a stick-to-your ribs meal made with homemade tempeh for protein and whipped potatoes with other veggies folded in and of course my famous “I could drink this gravy” gravy made with my homemade miso and local shiitakes. (That’s an actual quote from a client, yep.)
  • Steamed spring vegetables with preserved lemon vinaigrette and homegrown herbs: simple and sweet. And tangy. So far it looks like I have toothsome tiny local turnips and radishes, which, just you wait and see, are amazingly lovely when steamed! I don’t know why roasted and steamed radishes aren’t more of a thing.
  • Grilled ma-po tofu with scallions and GABA brown rice: I discuss GABA brown rice on the glossary page–just scroll down to “brown rice” and please note that I got my rice cooker three years ago, so I am not 29 still, just lazy about updating the website!
  • Teriyaki-style carrots
  • Soup: Shiitake soup with soba noodles and carrot stars, with local shiitakes and scallions, plus sesame oil and a rich shiitake broth, this is one of my favorite soups in the entire world.
  • Salad dressing: pomegranate vinaigrette

There we go! As usual, if you’d like to place an order, just email me at

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