this week’s lusciousness

It’s chili week!

A few years ago, I froze my hands off at the Water Street Market Chili Cookoff in New Paltz. It was worth it, though, because I won!

Note the snow in the background:

So I can say without tooting my own horn that the chili this week is pretty good, filled with fresh-ground chilies (it’s only medium spicy though, don’t worry. And if you want it more mild, I can add more beans and tomatoes to yours, just let me know), homemade tempeh, chocolate (shh, the secret ingredient!), and so so much more. It is, as my grandmother would say, a gantseh megilleh (big deal) to make. But it’s fun!

Here’s the entire menu for this week, quite a balanced one in terms of good protein sources, healthy complex carbohydrates, and of course oodles of fresh vegetables:

  • Tea-smoked seitan with Jamaican jerk sauce and greens — lime-y and vibrant and fresh and not too spicy, don’t worry.
  • Coconut mashed yams — These are crazy good. Mashed sweet potatoes with coconut and thyme and a hint of nutmeg.
  • Shanghai-style edamame with five spice tofu, goji berries, and soba noodles — all kinds of delicious.
  • Baby Japanese turnips above and below with homemade white miso (turnips with their greens) — turnips above and below, it’s that so poetic?
  • Three-bean chili with fresh vegetable toppings
  • Scalloped corn — old-fashioned corn deliciousness.
  • Soup: Spanish lentil and garlic soup — with super slow-cooked garlic cloves that are sweet and toothsome.
  • Salad dressing: Orange-port dressing with walnut oil

Just let me know if you’d like to place an order.

Have a great week!

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