the week in photos: part two

more scallion scape-y things!

Asparagus from Kira's farm, Evolutionary Organics

A very juicy ripe red onion oozing with oniony milky fluid!

Making Chinese five-spice powder

Chinese broccoli and spring onions from Taliaferro Farms

chili garnishes!

Scalloped corn before baking...

...and after.

Homegrown lemon thyme and coconut milk about to be swirled into the mashed yams.

Roasted radishes and turnips from the Hudson valley Seed Library

Radishes and turnips above and below with ginger-white miso sauce with Chinese broccoli

I meant to ramble on in the menu sheet that comes with the meals about how great it is to eat root vegetables with their greens. In most (maybe all?) cases, edible greens (and some, like carrot greens, aren’t edible [OK, now someone is going to leave a comment saying they are. Give them to horses! They taste horrible!]) contain beneficial compounds that help to digest the (often very solid and mass-y) root vegetables that grow below ground. For example, beets are sometimes hard to digest for some people, but eating beets with beet greens can help because they are slightly bitter and thus help to stimulate digestive juices.

Ah, mother nature! Always helping us out–if we let her.

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