Kira’s Farm: Evolutionary Organics

What a view!!

I have a huge girl crush on Kira Kinney. She epitomizes everything wonderful about the modern organic farming movement. She’s a brilliant small business woman who runs her farm with sustainability concerns at its core. She’s also an artist with a fantastic sense of style, and one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met—even among farmers, her work ethic is legion. A no-nonsense artisan putting in incredible hours to reform our food system, and one of the strongest people (on all levels), you’ll ever get to know. How could you not love her?

Last week I picked up some asparagus from her, and used the opportunity to take a few photos.

She built that house. Herself. With her own two hands. From scratch. The rustic wood siding is impossibly beautiful up close.

Of course, she built the barn too. And painted it. You can tell she studied art in school, can you not?

Red swiss chard.

Transplanting squash.

I said, “Kira, can I take photos of you?” “Ah man Lagusta, I’ve got work to do. I hate having my picture taken!” “I bet that’s not what you told the New York Times!” I told her.

Pogo and Jalopy


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