This week’s meals: tiny carrots, tiny beets, onions getting all growned up!

I seem not to be so great about taking photos of finished dishes, I realize. Hmm. I’ll work on that. The truth is, I get really excited about raw materials, and by the time I’ve finished making them into something I’m sort of over the whole thing and ready to move on to the next adventure. Really, what can I make that is as beautiful as the mottled, swirly, curled-in leaves of the first head of lettuce of the season?

So, here are some shots of this week’s deliciousness:

The onions are getting so big! I love watching them grow from week to week.

Cocoa-spiced almonds with Mexican cinnamon, for the salad with local mesclun and reduced balsamic vinaigrette

Chioggia beet from Second Wind CSA.

baby carrots from Pete Taliaferro!

too cute.

all clean!

Miso-glazed peas and carrots with chives

Soon-to-be cauliflower soup with marcona almond butter and pickled peppers

All done! I know: it's silly to garnish the soup because on its journey to you it will get all mixed up, but it makes me happy, OK?

Spice mix for the Yam Stew

Ingredients for the Puttanesca sauce, with hiziki seaweed instead of anchovies!

all chopped!

2 thoughts on “This week’s meals: tiny carrots, tiny beets, onions getting all growned up!

  1. I feel very lucky today to have stumbled onto both of your blogs. Hiziki seaweed for a puttanesca sauce; I feel like someone just smacked me in the back of the head with a low top vans sneaker, brilliant. Thanks.

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