first CSA pick up of the year!

I’m a huge advocate of Community Supported Agriculture, but I’ve never actually bought a CSA share, because I use larger quantities of food that make it somewhat impractical. But this year, my sweet pals Erin and Sam offered to work out a deal where I could buy a few CSA shares from their Second Wind CSA (located in Gardiner at Four Winds Farm, about three minutes from my house) and get less diversity of ingredients but larger quantities, which will work for my cookin’ needs.

So, I’m beyond proud to now be among the ranks of CSA supporters (though “supporters” doesn’t really work since “support” is what the S in CSA stands for but, well, you get my meaning.) Last week was the first pick up. I got to take a little walk around the farm with Farmer Sam, too. Here are a few snaps.

So eco-friendly!

No weeds in the peas! Amazing!

Farmer Sam in front of the player piano that lives in the barn…


feathery fennel.

You might recognize this lettuce from such blog posts as Tuesday's...

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