This week’s meals!

Wow, hello Friday! I got a bunch of wholesale chocolate orders this week and now here we are at Friday, and I didn’t post the pictures from last week’s (well, this week’s still) cooking yet! Let’s go!

Roasting peppers for the wide rice noodles with Southeast Asian pesto, smoked tofu, and fresh broccoli and red peppers entree

Napa cabbage from Second Wind CSA for the creamed greens --hey, how did you folks like those? I think I did a better job on them than I've done in the past. Not too gloppy, not too watery.

Garlic scape tops simmering in stock.

Grilled shiitakes marinated in sake, shoyu, and ginger.

Spring onion center (not edible, but pretty, no?)

spring onions!

Homemade seitan sausage with cajun flavors.


Rice noodles with SE Asian pesto, smoked tofu, broccoli, roasted red peppers, and lots of yum.

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