the (food) week in photos

Farmer Jessica delivering her Hakurei turnips!

Farmer Jessica delivering Hakurei turnips!

Jessica's Hakurei turnips begining to pan-roast with my homegrown lavender (with the Summer Squash Tart underneath).

The Chickpea Tagine in progress--look at that saffron!

English shelling peas for the tagine. Oh, the work! But so fresh and tasty.

Homemade harissa for the Chickpea Tagine. With ancho chilies and vibrant spices like coriander and cumin, this is my favorite condiment of all time. Not too hot, just perfect. Mine is based on a recipe in Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone--check it out!

****First week of summer squash!!!!****

lots happening!

Braised cauliflower with Kalamata olive vinaigrette and shiitake bacon.

Did I invent shiitake bacon? I honestly can’t remember. I think I might have had it in a restaurant in Montreal, actually. My version is made from shiitakes that have been allowed to air dry for a day or so which are then tossed with large amounts of extra virgin olive oil, shoyu, and sea salt and roasted until they are just on the edge of burnt. Then I crumble them up (though you don’t have to). If I’m in an ambitious mood I then smoke the whole business, but usually I just use it as is, for a big hit of umami and deep, dark, rich saltiness. Yum!

(Update! The internet is full of shiitake bacon recipes! Ahh, hive mind.)

Have a great week!

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