this week’s luscious meals! Buns! Stroganoff! Feijoada!

It’s my sweetheart Jacob’s birthday week!

I was going to use this photo of homegrown herbs used in last week’s meals to illustrate this post:

But now I feel I must also include these snaps of Jacob + kitten, because the cuteness factor is so truly ridiculous. Then we’ll get to the meals, I promise.

Oh my gosh.

So, in honor of this most auspicious occasion (and because we eat the meals for the week, just like you do—I am sure not slaving over my home stove to make a birthday dinner in this heat, my friends! [Though some desserts might or might not be up my sleeve…]), I’ve planned meals I know Jacob likes, which I am betting you will like too:

  • Seitan and mushroom stroganoff: creamy and filling, with bow tie pasta.
  • Braised fennel and white beans: local fennel and herbs in a broth enriched with slivers of garlic, plump beans, and olive oil.
  • Feijoada (Brazilian rice and beans) with seasonal vegetables: A homey and lively take on rice and beans, with black olives, orange zest, and more.
  • Garlicky kale: yums yums yums! I don’t consider myself a health food vegan in any way, but I could eat kale sauteed with garlic, a bit of my homemade garlic vinegar, and olive oil pretty much all day long.
  • Chinese steamed buns with dipping sauce: Buns! A pillowy dough around a filling of slivered local shiitake mushrooms, shredded veggies, ginger, spices, and more.
  • Asian cabbage slaw: zesty!
  • Soup: minestrone: I see no problem with eating soup in the summertime. With some toasty bread, it’s a perfect light supper for hot days when you don’t want to eat too much. This one freezes well, too.
  • Salad dressing: lavender-balsamic vinaigrette: I’m on a lavender kick! So is my garden, luckily.

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