deliciousness to come

buns of two weeks ago...

Midsummer suppers, away we go:

  • New England baked beans: Can be eaten cold—for real! Can be eaten on a sandwich, too. Or with cornbread. Or rice. Or with salad. Or all by their lonesome.
  • Or with: Cole slaw with almond mayonnaise: Hey, remember that Asian Cabbage Slaw from a few weeks ago? I noticed when I was eating my own bit of it later in the week how much it sort of compressed into the container—oops. They were filled to the top when I sent them out in the world to you, but I fear that when they arrived on your doorstep they had sunk down quite a bit. I’ll keep this in mind this week, though this is a bit more of a heartier cole slaw, since it’s made with regular cabbage and the Asian Cabbage one was made with the more tender napa variety.
  • Polenta torte with duxelles and puttanesca sauce: a sort of lasagna without the noodles, this is a baked casserole with local polenta, local mushrooms sautéed with onions until they melt into the Frenchy French paste called duxelles, and a zesty puttanesca sauce. Also I think there is a cashewy cream layer somewhere in there…and maybe even a few greens. It’s a great big slosh of big flavors, and I bet you’ll like it.
  • Braised fingerling potato coins with creamy greens: Oh, first week of fingerlings! So intensely creamy, they basically melt when you look at them. (And are also terrifyingly finger-shaped!)
  • Potato chickpea masala with rava dosas: I haven’t made these dosas in forever…exciting! (Sort of scary!) I don’t know why there are two potato dishes this week. Why do things like this happen? So weird, I cross-check my menus for so many things: balanced colors, flavors, protein/carb ratio, seasonality, so much more. But sometimes I just get excited about, say, what my December menu-planning self hopes will be one of the first weeks of local potatoes that I sort of go insane. So I’ll see what’s at the markets tomorrow and the “Potato chickpea masala” might become summer squash chickpea masala or something-else-delicious chickpea masala.
  • Split mung bean, coconut, and cucumber salad with mustard seeds: first week of local cukes! This is a super fresh salad to be eaten ASAP straight from the fridge.
  • Soup: Spicy peanut soup with mustard greens: everybody’s favorite, seriously. A bit peppery, very rich and savory and bursting with loud flavor.
  • Salad dressing: Fresh Italian dressing: Totally my attempt to recreate that packet of weird processed Italian dressing seasonings that usually comes with a free cruet that you mix with vinegar and oil up to those designated lines and shake shake shake. Honestly, I think I nailed it. Only, you know: with local, fresh, organic, unprocessed ingredients!

As usual, just drop me a line to place an order:

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