the week in photos

Cole slaw before it was cole slaw.

Cole slaw when it was cole slaw.

A weird and quite wonderful dish: citrusy mung bean salad sparked with mustard seeds and hot chile-infused vinegar-marinated cucumbers, with amaranth greens! I made the vinegar myself, from time + vinegar mother + hot peppers + tomatoes!

Not a plum: purple potatoes that are purple on the inside! Pretty rare, usually they are just purple on the outside and creamy white inside.

I used up a precious container of Bradley Farm homemade organic paprika, made from Bradley Farm organic paprika peppers, for the potato side this week. Special potatoes deserve special paprika, I figured.

Potatoes dug on Saturday, cooked on Monday. A far cry from what is labelled "new potatoes" in the supermarket, which are usually just old small creamer potatoes.

New England baked beans with zucchini ribbons.

red onions for the baked beans

Zuke ribbons for the baked beans.

baked beans!

Polenta torte in progress: polenta layers (and one duxelles layer) all ready to go...

Polenta torte: duxelles and cashew cream layer. Then came a tomato saucey layer, and a little cap of polenta before baking it to set everything nicely. I swear I took a photo of the finished dish, but where is it? Apparently it was so tasty that the camera ate it.


dosa! Not pictured: chickpea masala to go inside the dosas.

How did another baked beans photo slip in? This one shows the old-timey tradition of slipping in an onion poked with cloves, to add a very subtle clovey flavor.

Personally? I think it was a great week. With beautiful ingredients like these, I really don’t have to do much work. (I still manage to do a ton though, how does that always happen?)

2 thoughts on “the week in photos

  1. Some very pretty images. Many of the ingredients are so very beautiful that the job of photographing them must be easier, but it is not easy to make baked beans look like the treats they are. You nailed it! It is all making me so hungry!

    By the way, in the first picture of the baked beans, do you see the bit of onion, just to the right of center, that looks like a little ginger bread person? Her right arm is a prosthetic made from a bean. How cute is that?

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