this week’s menu

Hello, internet!

Here’s what’s cooking this week, along with some photos of underwater blueberries (which are not cooking. They are, in fact, inside my stomach right now.):

  • Persian tempeh with fennel, broccoli, and pomegranate: a tangy, light, lovely little dish, with red quinoa and feathery herbs.
  • Mushrooms stuffed with mushroom-walnut pâté: The pâté that all of my friends recognize from every party I’ve ever had (it’s not uncommon for me to open the door to pals coming over for dinner to hear them say, “Do you have the stuffed mushrooms??”)  This is a real big to-do to make, toasting and grinding walnuts and sesame seeds and combining them with mushrooms and sauteed onions and all kinds of special secret unsecret ingredients, but the resulting mixture is, I am told, awfully close in texture but better in flavor to the best liver pâtés. This recipe was developed by my mentor, Selma Miriam of Bloodroot restaurant in Connecticut 20 or so years ago, and it just gets better with age.
  • Fennel-olive pastries: Little phyllo triangles stuffed with, well, fennel and olives. Pop them in a toaster oven for a few minutes and dinner is on the table.
  • Greek salad with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and pickled peppers: I have not eaten a fresh tomato in 11 months. I have a few flats of Sungolds reserved for this salad, and am counting the seconds until I pick them up…
  • Mixed vegetable korma (almond cardamom sauce) with tofu and basmati rice: Indian food last week (those dosas! Did you love them?), and this week, and next week too, for a very simple reason: it’s crazy hot out. Let’s take a cue from those that live in a hot climate year round and eat spiced (and sometimes spicy, though this dish is pretty mild) dishes that engage our tastebuds and make us forget about the heat.
  • Mustard green saag: Finely chopped local organic greens cooked quickly with loads of cumin, coriander, and a touch of coconut milk and lime. Add some rice and maybe tofu, and you have a main dish on your hands.
  • Soup: Poblano corn chowder with dulse: corn chowder! Summer is here! (I guess the triple digit temperatures have already informed you of that fact, but just in case not, now you know for sure.)
  • Salad dressing: Tapenade and basil dressing: Sometimes I can’t decide if I love pesto or tapenade more. Then I make this dressing and realize I don’t have to choose. Summertime means we can have it all!

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