the week in photos

The first tomatoes of the year! Sungolds for the Greek salad, and man oh man are they perfection. Solid sunshine in your mouth, not to get all cheesey about it. The raspberries are for Raspberries de Pizan (and breakfast, as the missing half-pint attests.)!

Ah, the onions are growing up so fast! No longer can they be called Spring onions, and their tops are getting less and less scallion-like and more and more like compost. Time passes.

The secret to the poblano corn chowder!

Persian tempeh with pomegranate and market vegetables.

I can't think of a finer pleasure than opening up a new tub of olives.

Veggies for the Greek salad.

yellow wax beans from Meadow View Farm.

Mushrooms stuffed with mushroom-walnut pâté, in progress. The mushrooms were the only non-local produce of the whole week (they were organic dudes from PA)!

Leaving some sungolds for Christina to snack on as she does deliveries.

And that’s it! I have some pretty snapshots from a visit to Phillies Bridge Farm, where the sungold tomatoes were grown, that I’ll post soon!

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