this summery week to come!

Bart Colucci, who runs Meadow View Farm, and his super-seller pal, Claire. They are a great team, super fun people to buy beautiful produce from. Bart grows the miraculous raspberries mentioned below.

This week brings fun dishes with global influences:

  • Spinach-mushroom quiche: To be honest, this is actually really nice cold. I’m generally not a savory-food-cold type person, but this is an exception. Of course, it’s nice hot too. It has a lovely savory crust made from oats and sesame seeds and other lovelies.
  • Pesto pasta salad with artichoke hearts, olives, and pine nuts: my favorite pasta salad of all time! Those super lovely (and oh so pricey–but so worth it!) grilled marinated artichoke hearts that make appearances here and there, plus toasty pine nuts, fresh basil pesto, Kalamata olives, and corkscrew pasta. Just great.
  • Bibimbop (Korean rice bowl) with vegetables and homemade kimchi: A traditional Korean dish, minus the meat! Finely sliced local organic veggies quickly stir-fried with aromatics, beautifully arranged on a bed of Jasmine rice, accompanied with my homemade kimchi.
  • Corn sauté with leeks and tempeh bacon: fresh, fresh fresh. Fresh!
  • Bengali vegetables with red lentils and jasmine rice: Continuing the “hot weather = Indian food” theme…
  • Curry-scented mushrooms: Another beloved Lagusta’s Luscious dish. Mixed mushrooms sauteed with amazing sweet curry powder, freshly dug garlic, and cilantro. This is not a spicy dish.
  • Soup: Summer three sisters soup: with corn, green beans, and summer squash, the traditional Three Sisters of Mexican cooking. Maybe I’ll get all three from Three Sisters Farm at the New Paltz Farmer’s Market, just to be ultra authentic!
  • Salad dressing: Tomato vinaigrette: TOMATOES! They’re here!!

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