this week’s meals

A few snaps from the past week’s cooking adventures.

Oh! And if you live in the NYC area, I’ll be cooking a fancy dinner on August 27 in Brooklyn–details and tickets are available here!

It was the week of basil.

Actually, it was the week of pesto.

I’m into hand-pounding my pesto these days. I truly feel it has a better flavor—more basil-y, less bitter—than that of pesto you make in three minutes in the food professor. This batch took me a while…

…Trust me, 24 minutes feels like a lifetime when you’re pounding as hard as you can, over and over…

...but I think it was worth it.

In addition to the pesto mountain, there was a mountain of summery vegetables..

...stuffed with Nicoise-style flavorings: dainty herbs, nice olives, rice, tomatoes...what else? Other good things, I'm sure.

And there were beets. Oh, such beets.

I made the beets into one of my favoritest salads: an orange vinaigrette + steamed beets + crazyfresh raspberries + purple basil. Sigh. SUMMER. You know?

Oh yeah, and a million calzones, filled with the first tomato sauce of the season, and artichoke hearts, and delightful eggplant....not a bad week!

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