this week’s menu!

purple basil!

Here’s what’s shakin’ this week:

  • Peperonata (sweet peppers, onions, herbs, and olive oil) with whole wheat pasta: peppers are in! This is a very hearty and zesty pasta dish–sweet and summery.
  • Mixed lettuces with creamy avocado “ranch” dressing, red onion, and cherry tomatoes: I love this salad because it’s the only time I use avocado for the meal delivery service all year. Such a nice salad.
  • Grilled tofu pockets stuffed with greens: everyone’s favorite! I make it four times a year because it’s so beloved. I really need a better name for this dish. First of all, it’s not grilled. It’s broiled. Heat from above, instead of below. Somewhere along the way it became “grilled,” (actually–my friend Selma created it, so I guess I could just pin the blame on her) and it stuck. I have to confess that I am not a fan of tofu, but this is one tofu dish that I could eat all day long–it’s packed with ginger, garlic, great greens, and this gorgeous roasted pumpkin seed oil that elevates the whole thing to something really special. It’s a hard dish to explain. If you don’t adore it I’ll refund your money, I’ll tell you that.
  • Homemade udon noodles in pumpkinseed-oil sauce: the flavors of the tofu pockets above, but with homemade udon noodles!!!! Insanely labor intensive, and oh my gosh so great.
  • Eggplant and oyster mushrooms in garlic sauce with black forbidden rice: yeah!
  • Caramelized tofu: double yeah! This is, weirdly, the other tofu dish I really crave. It’s sweet and savory at once.
  • Soup: Tom kha (coconut milk soup) with mushroom and banana flower: my sweetheart’s Thai stepmother, who is due to have a baby any minute now (I will be…a step-aunt? Cool!) gave me this recipe–you can’t get more authentic than that.
  • Salad dressing: Chai vinaigrette with orange: yeah!

3 thoughts on “this week’s menu!

  1. Lagusta, I am so curious as to where you get your pumpkinseed oil. I LOVE kernol. I have tried to find an American brand that is half as good as the Austrian, but so far no luck. Can you help?

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