this week’s (exceptionally pretty) meals!

Here we go!

The week always starts with tangled apron strings. When will I learn to put my aprons in net bags or something before they go into the dryer?

tomato week!

Homemade udon noodles


Finished noodle dish: udon noodles with pumpkinseed oil sauce with garlic, ginger, and cilantro.

Whole wheat pasta with green zebra tomatoes and peperonata sauce

Black forbidden rice + eggplant and oyster mushrooms in garlic sauce

green zebra tomatoes

Oyster mushrooms from Wiltbank Farms. Oh, I love that Gary Wiltbank, he's the most awesome 'shoom grower ever.

Tofu pockets with greens (well, not yet) and that marvelous pumpkin seed oil sauce

The famous pumpkin seed oil! That bottle cost $50!!!!! But so worth it. (It's frosty from the freezer.)

A little end-of-the-night bowl (OK, ramekin) of Tom Kha soup with banana flower. Coconut milk, galangal, lime leaves, ginger, garlic, aricula, carrots, oyster mushrooms, banana flower...oh my. Best late night kitchen-scrubbing snack ever.

7 thoughts on “this week’s (exceptionally pretty) meals!

  1. Wow – everything looks so incredibly delicious – no wonder you have a hard time finding restaurants that are up to par. If I could cook like you, I would never eat out.

  2. No way Donna–I really think cooking is 90% practice. I’m sure you’re an awesome cook!
    In other news, I wore that cool circular scarf I got at Cow Jones last night–so cozy! So soft! So cute! It makes the summer ending almost OK.

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence – I truly do love to cook but really – there is a huge difference between what I create and what you create. I am so glad that you are enjoying that scarf and it is keeping you cozy during these pre-fall days. On another note, I’m looking to do another trunk show with Cri de Coeur this fall (either late Oct. or early Nov.) and Leanne (Vaute Couture) might be part of it too! Now of course, we will need your delicious chocolates to round things out – I’ll be in touch soon.

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