this week’s menu

It’s so sunny and warm and beautiful right now, but the leaves are swirling all around and the burning bush outside my front door is beginning to flame. Autumn is here, and with it the lush and hearty vegetables and fall dishes. Here’s what’s on the menu this week.

  • Tempeh shepherd’s pie: Root vegetables, herbs, and a mushroom gravy, topped with clouds of mashed potatoes
  • Collard green olive pesto noodles: a big tangle of herbacious green noodles, brightened with briny olives
  • Baked beans with Creole sauce and vegetables: Baked beans! You can’t beat ’em.
  • Red quinoa with parsley and lemon: Lots of lemon and orange zest, the last of the garden herbs, and the superfood red quinoa.
  • Pan-fried tofu with Vietnamese-style caramel sauce and broccoli: Tofu cooked in a hot/sour/salty/sweet light Vietnamese sauce, sparked with citrus zest, shiitake mushrooms, and farmer’s market vegetables.
  • Sweet potato coins with ginger and scallions: a Southeast Asian spin on roasted sweet potato.
  • Soup: Porcini miso broth with greens and noodles: Just the thing if you feel a case of the sniffles coming on…
  • Salad dressing: lemon-oregano vinaigrette

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