the lost week of meals

Hooray! Remember my lost sim card woes? I found it! And thus, here are meals from the last week of August which have, until now, been out in the world partying and escaping my grasp, much like John Lennon during his infamous Lost Weekend with May Pang.

(OK, really the little card was under the car seat the whole time.)

Also: no deliveries this Tuesday because I’m off visiting my mom (she says hello, by the way), but I’ll be blogging here and there to keep you deep in food prettiness throughout the week: in addition to this week I’ve got the last two week’s of food photos to post! Enjoy!

August 31 menu:

  • Farm-fresh vegetables stuffed with smoked red onions, corn, and cinnamon-chipotle infused oil
  • French potato salad with Dijon mustard and fines herbes
  • Moroccan-spiced vegetables and tofu with couscous
  • Eggplant salad with cumin and fresh herbs
  • Picadillo (Dominican stew) with seitan with lime rice
  • Stuffed sweet potatoes
  • Soup: Thai hot and sour soup with woodear mushrooms
  • Salad dressing: Tahini-ginger dressing

Second Wind CSA carrots. Be still my heart!


Moroccan spiced veggies and tofu with Israeli this tofu was good.

For the eggplant salad

How bittersweet this photo is, as I sit here in 50 degree temperatures in October!

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