Upcoming meals, October 19 delivery

It’s cold! And we have nice cold-weather meals coming up this week:

  • Homemade seitan with Jamaican jerk sauce and greens: this dish is mildly spicy and packed with pickled peppadew peppers, pungent greens, piquant jerk sauce and…peppy seitan? Perky seitan? Pretty dang delicious seitan, I’ll tell you that. This homemade jerk sauce is a production, but it’s nice, all thyme-y and caramelized onion-y and orange-y and jerk-y.
  • Coconut mashed yams: one of those beloved Lagusta’s Luscious dishes: perfectly smooth yam puree with a hint of garlic, a whisper of thyme, and coconut milk. With local organic yams! OK, OK: sweet potatoes!
  • Puttanesca sauce with fresh broccoli and spinach fettuccine: I ordered a case of spinach pappardelle and they were out of stock, so I think I’m just going to make homemade spinach pappardelle–yum!
  • Miso-glazed peas and carrots: a classic vintage dish with a healthy and tasty spin, with homemade miso and ginger and shoyu.
  • Kale, butternut squash, and tempeh bacon pie: everything tasty about fall, encased in phyllo dough.
  • Russian beet salad with walnut sauce: chopped beets with a fragrant, nutty, creamy sauce. Hot pink fabulousness.
  • Soup: Black bean soup with lemon: my personal favorite. Half chunky, half creamy, tangy and rich.
  • Salad dressing: Orange-port dressing with walnut oil: sweet, smooth, and tangy.

As usual, if you’d like to place an order, just let me know: lagusta@lagustasluscious.com.


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