the week in photos, October 12 delivery

Here we go!

Slow-roasted tomatoes with baby bok choy and grilled marinated artichokes.


Ahhh, beautiful bok choy from Taliaferro Farms.



Slow-roasted tomatoes.

Macaroni casserole with creamy cashew b├ęchamel--oh my gosh this was amazing. I can say that without bragging, because sous chef Maresa made it. OK, ok, it was my recipe. So good!

Bubbly casserole, hot from the oven!

The finished casseroles, with their colorful tomato topping (the container on the lower right is minus tomatoes for our tomato-hatin' client).

These are potato cracklings. They are one of those life-transformative foods that, if you’re lucky, come into your repertoire now and then.

last week of ripe tomatoes! Sob!!

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