the week in photos, August 19 delivery: part one

My sweetheart hung around a lot this week, snapping photos, making bad food puns, and stealing samples right and left off everyone’s cutting boards, so this is an exceptionally photogenic week for that reason. SO photogenic that I’m breaking it into two posts! Here’s the first one, with hilarious snaps of us Lagusta’s Luscious gals (and by that I mean: hardcore feminists) making the fakin’ bacon:

Once in a great while, I get log-grown shiitakes from my friend Aaron Di Orio, whose beautiful handbuilt house is literally two minutes from the kitchen. My regular 'shrooms, from Wiltbank Farms in Saugerties, are super lovely and organic and wonderful, but they are grown indoors, and there is something so special about true outdoorsy log-grown shiitakes. What a pleasure.

Aren't they fairy-tale perfect? Don't you want to make a little mushroom umbrella-home out of one and play house under it? (Maybe that's just me.)

Sous chef Stephanie!

The crew. Me giving Jacob a funny face. Maresa in mid-sentence. Stephanie in the dark stove corner because I'm mean and hate the way the light looks in that corner and try to get everyone not to turn it on.


In which Stephanie prepares to hack into a Blue Hubbard squash (grown by our friend Jessica from Veritas Farms) that weighs more than she does (she is standing on a scale so we can weigh the squash for the recipe).

Squash guts, soon to be pumpkin seed snacks when roasted with cinnamon and sugar!

Soon-to-be beet salad with walnut sauce

Beet salad with celery root and walnut sauce. Such a refreshing Eastern European salad, it always ushers in fall for me. It's from a recipe in "The World Of Jewish Cooking" by Gil Marks--a truly special cookbook. Check it out!

Seitan with jerk sauce, red quinoa, smoked red onions, greens, and pickled peppers!

Pickled peppadew peppers! Not quite a peck, but almost.


coconut mashed yams with thyme

carrots for the miso-glazed peas and carrots side, ready to be sauteed and tossed with their gingery miso-tahini sauce.

Squash pie with black kale and sage

3 thoughts on “the week in photos, August 19 delivery: part one

  1. Ah, the yams are super easy! I think I originally adapted the recipe from Millennium. You just boil some yams until tender, then chop up some garlic and slowly cook it with some olive oil, then mash the yams (I use the standing mixer, but a potato masher works fine) with the garlic/olive oil, add as much coconut milk as the mixture will hold without it leaking out, and season with salt, pepper, and chopped thyme. It’s really a ridiculously good little side dish.

    Thanks Florence!

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