a barter!

Hello friends!

I’ve got a little barter offer for ya, please spread the word!

I’m looking to have my meal delivery service website redone—it’s time. I’m looking for someone who can work with an art director pal of mine (who doesn’t design websites, tragically) who has designed all my meal delivery service paper goods (fliers, stationery, menu sheet I send to my clients, ads, etc etc.) to make the site look more like my paper identity and also to somehow magically bring it closer to the Bonbons site. The idea is to form a, like, uh, kinda, cohesive Lagusta’s Luscious brand identity (It’s all very businessy and somehow makes me want to use the phrase “vertical integration.”).
So, if you have sterling references (cool sites you’ve made) and want to overhaul a site for chocolates, food, money, or a combination of the three (preferably with a very light emphasis on the last one, or, even better, an invisible emphasis), let’s talk! If you want to do a trade for chocolates, you can be anywhere in the US, but if you want to trade for chocolates + food or just food, the delivery area is NYC all the way north to Rosendale, NY.

Sound fun? If you’re interested, shoot me an email at lagusta@lagustasluscious.com.

Tell your friends!

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