Upcoming meals, November 2 delivery

Where the sage in the turnip dish comes from!

The theme this week could be home-style dinners from around the world. Well, the edamame dish is a little fancy, but not too much.

  • Cuban coconut rice and black beans with plantains: with sweet peppers, this dish is one of the tastiest variations on rice and beans I’ve ever seen.
  • Sofrito collard greens: finely chopped, slow-cooked greens with a tasty homemade seasoning base filled with deep umami flavors.
  • Colcannon: an Irish dish with potatoes, kale, carrots, and rutabaga, with Brooklyn stout beer gravy.
  • Cider-glazed turnips and apples with sage and tempeh “bacon”
  • Shanghai-style edamame with five spice tofu, goji berries, and soba noodles: this dish contains XO sauce, which is sometimes called “caviar of the Orient.” It’s a recent Chinese invention served in trendy urban Chinese restaurants. Although it contains no brandy, its name inexplicably pays homage to classy XO brandy. I don’t quite understand this sauce, but I like eating it, and I guess that’s all that really matters. XO sauce usually contains dried shrimp and scallops – in my version dried porcini mushrooms, Chinese fermented black beans, and hiziki seaweed stand in for the seafood.
  • Stir fried broccoli and Asian greens with ginger
  • Soup: Poblano pepper, corn, and oyster mushroom chowder: yet another week when I want to say “this is the best soup I make!!”
  • Salad dressing: Classic carrot ginger dressing

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