the week in photos, November 2 delivery

First of all, LOOK AT THIS TATSOI!! It was a triple-headed tatsoi, grown by our pals Erin & Sam at Second Wind CSA, and I was lucky enough to get it in my CSA box because I so fawned over the photo of it Erin posted to the CSA Facebook page. It is possibly the most photographed tatsoi in the entire Hudson Valley this fall. OK, probably ever. How's that for a perfect blending of technology and farming?

Sous chef Stephanie was the Ellen Page character from Hard Candy for Halloween!!!

How perfect was she? (Yep, we’re pretty fierce feminists around Lagusta’s Luscious HQ).


And if Stephanie is holding a giant produce item, Maresa is holding something in front of her eyes--heirloom carrots, in this case. Themes we have, I tell you!

And we did make some food too--cider-glazed turnips and apples with sage and tempeh bacon, anyone?

I just ate this meal for dinner tonight! So delicious: Cuban-style black beans with coconut rice and tostones (fried plaintains)

This broccoli raab from Taliaferro Farms was super green and leafy--no florets! It was baby broccoli raab.

We quickly stir-fried it with shoyu, sherry, garlic vinegar, red chilies, and masses of ginger--both fresh ginger root and crystallized ginger.

A heart-stoppingly glorious cauliflower from the New Paltz farmer's market.

I couldn't resist buying these edible bachelor button flowers from Phillies Bridge Farm, knowing a hard frost was coming that would wipe them all out.

And colcannon: mashed potatoes with seared scallions and leeks, plus roasted vegetables and cider gravy.

The results of the election were pretty much dreadful (though hooray to the New York Green Party for snapping up ballot status!), but at least there was some serious comfort food to get us through a week sorely needing comfort. Onward, friends.




4 thoughts on “the week in photos, November 2 delivery

    • Hello Rachel,


      Here’s what I wrote on the blog about XO sauce. XO sauce, is a recent Chinese invention served in trendy urban Chinese restaurants. Although it contains no brandy, its name inexplicably pays homage to classy XO brandy. I don’t quite understand this sauce, but I like eating it, and I guess that’s all that really matters. XO sauce usually contains dried shrimp and scallops – in my version dried porcini mushrooms, Chinese fermented black beans, and hiziki seaweed stand in for the seafood.

      It’s great!

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