Kira’s farm and business busy-ness

Heya Lusciousnesses,

It’s the week before the week of Thanksgiving, which means we’re in high gear over here. A couple bits of business:

  • We’re all filled up for Thanksgiving orders, thanks to everyone who ordered!
  • I probably won’t get a chance to post the weekly food photos for last week and this week until after Thanksgiving.
  • If you’re in the Hudson Valley, you might have heard about the tragic fire at Evolutionary Organics/Conuco Farm. EO is my dear pal Kira’s farm, she’s an amazing person and a brilliant farmer. Here’s a note she recently wrote about an auction to benefit reconstruction.

So – I do believe that by now you all have heard there was a fire a little over two weeks ago that burned down a barn. Insurance is not going to cover any of what Hector or I lost in the fire, and it won’t come near covering what the other two people lost in the fire either.
With a little help from our market friends in Brooklyn, we are throwing together a bad ass auction to raise money to get the farms back on track. The auction will take place December 10th at a place called the Commons in Brooklyn. A little along the line of holiday shopping with purpose. If any of you have a useful, interesting, or cool item or service you wish to donate to the auction we would be more grateful than you can imagine. Every little bit helps! Ideas of items to auction off are also much appreciated.  We are trying to put together the list of items by the end of the month so we can arrange pick-ups and all the other details that it will take to pull this off. You can contact me by email or phone at 845-417-1543. Thanks for even thinking on this. Kira (evolutionary organics).

  • Here’s another blog post that has more info on the fire and donation efforts, and Kira’s email address is if you want to contact her directly.

That’s all from me. Have a great holiday if we don’t talk before then!

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