the week in photos, November 9 delivery

Tzimmes! Glazed carrots saute├ęd with lemon slices.

So much food blogging to catch up on! Here’s the menu from that long-ago week.

Now let’s get to the photos:


Wide rice noodles with Southeast Asian pesto, smoked tofu, and fresh broccoli and red peppers



Grilled marinated artichokes for the Chickpea Tagine

Glorious saffron.

Sloppy Joes spices.

Homemade preserved lemon, for the tagine.


pretty pretty beet and grapefruit salad.



Family meal! (Maresa told me she thinks non-restaurant people don't know what family meal is. It's what you eat before your restaurant shift--usually the responsibility shifts to a different person each night.) Maitake mushrooms, a sample from our supplier, with jasmine rice and homemade kimchi.


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