the week in photos, November 16 delivery

Here’s the menu from this oh-so-long-ago week:

  • Coconut curried tempeh with greens
  • Marinated tofu salad with sesame dressing, sesame seeds, and Chinese cabbage
  • Three bean chili with fresh vegetable toppings
  • Southwestern succotash with fresh chilies, peppers, and corn
  • Seitan and mushroom stroganoff
  • Steamed seasonal vegetables with rose petal-infused sea salt
  • Soup: S’chee (Russian cabbage soup)
  • Salad dressing: Fresh Italian dressing

And here are the photos:


Family meal: a salad I made for years at Bloodroot restaurant in CT: marinated tofu with scallions, carrots, cabbage, and lots of greens. I’m not a giant tofu fan, but this salad makes my mouth water. The dressing is lemon + sesame oil + grapeseed oil + shoyu. Perfection.



Steamed daikon flowers and carrots with rose petal-infused sea salt.



Making the rose petal-infused sea salt.


tofu salad for clients.








S'chee, a borscht-like (but, dare I say, better) soup that's bursting with sweet, sour, deep, rich, flavor from cabbages, tomatoes, sauerkraut, caramelized onions, dill, and so much more.

steamy homemade seitan.

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