Free chocolate! Really great chocolate, too!

This month's Chocolate of the Month: yuzu white chocolate truffles!!!

Hello everyone!

I’m running a little contest over at the Bluestocking Bonbons Facebook page I wanted to tell you about. It’s a two-parter:

1) If we can double our fans in two weeks (to 1338 by January 21), TWO lucky peeps will be picked at random to receive a free 3-month Chocolate of the Month Club Subscription!


2) When you’ve become a fan of our page, tell your friends to write on the Bonbons wall saying “I am a fan because of [your name]” and EVERYONE who recruits 7 or more fans will get a special choco gift in the mail!

A handful of people have already won free chocolate (a few are on their way to referring their second set of seven people and thus getting double the amount!), and it’s really fun meeting all the awesome new fans on the Bonbons page. Come over and say hello, and enter into a world of decadent ethical chocolate the likes of which you’ve never before experienced. (<—- my attempt at writing classy ad-style copy.)


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