February madness of the very best kind

Hello foodies!

I’m MIA until after V-day, but I wanted to alert you to a couple chocolatey bits of news:

  • If you’ve been procrastinating ordering your V-day sweets, time is running out! Orders received after today will be shipped Wednesday and beyond, and you might want to select Express shipping to guarantee V-day speedy delivery. Thanks!
  • Speaking of the Chocolate of the Month, the glorious photo album of photos dedicated to it is here. (I really am in love with this chocolate, can you tell?)
  • If you’re in the Hudson Valley, check out Whitecliff Winery’s awesome event Locally Grown: Art, Wine, and Truffles on February 12. Classic cocoa powder-dusted truffles as well as cinnamon-cardamom truffles made by the same hands typing these words will be there, and the wine will be amazing, as usual. I’m hoping to sneak out of work to come down, so maybe I’ll see you there!
  • Then, if you’re inclined to take your sweet (or yourself—I’ll be alone on Valentine’s [oh, the pains of a sweetheart who travels for a living!], and I’m thinking of just taking myself out to dinner—why not?) out to dinner on Valentine’s, my pal Youko’s noodle shop in New Paltz, Gomen Kudasai, will be having a special prix fixe Valentine’s meal with lots of vegan options and my special Valentine’s bonbons for dessert! Check out the details on the Facebook page, and call (845) 255-8811 for more info.

And if you want to pick up chocolates rather than order them, we’ve recently shipped or brought some to:

After this chocolatey time of the month passes, let’s talk about savory food, OK?

See you soon!



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