containers and cooler bags (a super-duper boring post, to be honest)

My now-defunct meal delivery service used eco-friendly reusable containers and cooler bags, so when I shut it down, I was left with a sea of both.

And! In one of those twists of fate the rational mind can never quite comprehend, two months before shuttering the service, I ordered $700 worth of brand new Pyrex containers.

Thus! if you’re looking to restock your pantry with brand new (or gently-used) reusable containers and/or cooler bags, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what I’m looking to unload:

  • Gently used plastic (no BPA) Rubbermaid Stainshield Premier containers with lid: 2-cup size: $1 each, including lids! They look like this:

  • Brand new glass Pyrex containers, with plastic blue lids: 2-cup and 1-cup sizes. New in box! $3 for 2-cup and $2.50 for 1-cup, including lids. They look like this:

  • Gently used cooler bags, various sizes: $7 each. Some look like this, and some look like other styles I’m too lazy to find pictures of.

  • I have a few different sizes: 9-can, 12-can, and 18-can. (Yep, cooler bags are sized according to how many cans they hold.)
  • Brand new cooler bags with tags, various sizes: $10-$15 each ($17-$25 new!)

If you live locally (my kitchen is in Rosendale, NY), shoot me an email at and let me know when works for you to come by.

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