kitchen for rent!

To be frank: electricity and propane bills at the kitchen (and, for that matter, at my house) are eating me alive. And since I’m only doing chocolates these days and not the meal delivery as well, I’m not at work every day (yay!). So, I’m looking to share my kitchen 1-3 days a week with a like-minded business. If you know anyone, please pass this info along. Contact me at if you’re interested!

The kitchen details:

  • The kitchen is in Rosendale, NY, on route 32.
  • It consists of one large room, one office, one bathroom, and one back room for storage.
  • Ample parking
  • The kitchen is fully licensed with the NYS Ag and Markets department (it’s licensed under my business though).
  • Two a/c units
  • Wall propane heating unit
  • Three ovens, one a super sweet pizza oven
  • Four gas burners
  • Dishwasher and three-sink
  • Pots and pans, bowls and all kinds of utensils you can use.
  • Vita-mix blender, Cuisinart, standing mixer, all kinds of machines.
  • Food storage containers large and small
  • Walk-in fridge with speed rack with pans
  • Three freezers
  • Wifi
  • Butcher block cutting board table
  • Full fire suppression system
  • 100% eco-friendly cleaning supplies

I am:

  • Neat and tidy! Everything in its place, a place for everything.
  • Flexible with my schedule–hooray for working for myself! I try to take Sundays off.
  • Entirely vegan, as is the kitchen.

You are:

  • Neat and tidy! Everything in its place, a place for everything.
  • Looking to rent a kitchen for 1-3 days a week. Days are flexible, but Sunday would be ideal.
  • Run a vegan or vegetarian food business.

Rent: $75 per 24 hours.

So cheap!!

Interested? Contact me at

5 thoughts on “kitchen for rent!

  1. Hi I am a friend of Rayann’s and she just sent me this link I am interested in renting please give me a call at 845 883 1040 so we can talk more details thanks.

  2. I am looking to open a small bakery (muffins, cupcakes, etc…) made to order business. Get in touch with me if you have questions via email. thanks

  3. Hi Lagusta

    Long story short:
    Have an established gourmet spice/food biz in SF.
    Looking to move back to my old stomping ground in NY
    Extremely interested in sharing a kitchen.
    Please contact me or send me an email with a good time to call. Thank you Kathy 415-474-1633

    • Hello Kathy! Thanks for the note. I’ve found someone to rent the kitchen, but best of luck with your move, that’s awesome!

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