packaging, part two

The packaging crowd-sourcing project I mentioned last week has been really fascinating and useful.

Some wonderful women (all women, yeah!) have sent in photos of their chocolates (and the occasional curious cat and grumpy tot in the background) and I’ve studied them carefully. The consensus is: better packaging is totes needed–but really only with the Big Assortment boxes. Good to know. (We’re also going to put a small candy pad on top of the Bonbons boxes, to prevent them from jumping all over the place.

Here’s my next idea, courtesy of my sweetheart (who was once an engineering major in college, before he swiftly switched to music. Somehow those 2 semesters mean that I always consult “my engineer” about all tactical problems.): dividers!

Like this (click to enlarge!):

Looks nice, no?

Let’s see how it goes. If you get a Big Assortment (just the mixed one linked to above, not the truffle big assortment— that one packs like a dream since all the truffles are the same size), the same deal applies as before:

If you’d be so kind as to take nice good photos of your chocolate order, then send them to me at, I’ll make a note to either (your choice):

  • Slip two chocolate bars into a padded envelope to send to you ASAP as a thank-you


  • Send you a free box ($12 or $15 box of your choice) with your next chocolate order, as long as you order within six months or so, because otherwise the paperwork to remember the freebies would get annoying.


(As of this time, the previous plan, of free chocolate with photos of any order, is discontinued. Thanks for your help!)

Thank you, thank you!


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