November 2010 Chocolate of the Month: Red Wine Ganache Bonbons

For posterity and record keeping, I’m making a blog post with each Chocolate of the Month as the month ends.

Here’s November!

First of all, the Facebook photo album with glorious photos of this month’s chocolate is here, check it out! I really had fun with these photos.

Seasonal celebrations are beginning, so for the November Chocolate of the Month we wanted a decadent sweet that would be at home on holiday tables–the sort of bonbon you picture when you think of the words “fine chocolate.” What we came up with is pretty darn fancy, but not so highfalutin’ that it will look down its nose at you when you chomp on it as a midnight snack.

Introducing: wine-infused ganache bonbons with juniper.
9 bonbons

These are elegant molded chocolates filled with a rich, silky smooth dark chocolate ganache saturated with homemade wine syrup. We wanted to capture the feeling of warming up with a nice glass of red wine after walking in the woods in late autumn, so we infused the wine with juniper berries, for a hint of woodsiness. This chocolate is deep, deep burgundy in color and bursting with multi-faceted flavors.

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