Renovations! Before and after photos Part I: the bathroom

Our renovation is coming along nicely! We’re on track to open in a few weeks, so I’m finally getting a chance to relax a little.

Time for a few photos!

This blog format doesn’t allow for great photo viewing, so be sure to click on them for a much bigger photo. This is the first little tiny bit of a whole slew of blog posts about the renovation, so if that’s your kind of thing, check back often in the next few weeks.

Let us begin in the bathroom.

Nothing really interesting here, to be honest, especially since the bathroom isn’t even open to the public. And also because I neglected to take photos of the gross old sink and toilet. Or the new sink and toilet. Well, just imagine a nice new sink and toilet, and you’ve pretty much got it. We also put in a lovely cork floor that I also didn’t photograph, because does a floor really ever turn out well in a photo? Especially a 5’x5′ one?

But the bathroom is all mine, and I love it. Here we go.


Mixing paint:

Post-painting! Really it’s hot pink in there, not red like this weird photo app makes it seem.

This one shows the paint, as well as the inspirational postcard from my friend Jay, better:

(I know I seem all nice and sweet on this blog, but I have some definite anger issues, so I adore this sweet reminder to keep calm.)

Here’s my thing. I’ve worked in far too many grungy-ass commercial kitchens where you emerged from your shift with an oily face, chapped hands from the endless handwashing, and general grossness. I decided that in my sparkling, made-from-scratch world that era was going to come to an end. Not only will I be interacting with the public in the shop, but suddenly I’ve entered this phase in my life where I have decided to start experimenting with makeup. This has resulted in some raccoon-eye days,

but overall I’ve been enjoying it. So I stocked the medicine cabinet with all kinds of girly treats: lip gloss, bobby pins, fancy lotion samples.

Why not, it’s my bathroom!

Perhaps unconsciously to balance out the girliness of the makeup, I put up a print of an Adrienne Rich piece that my feminist mentors at Bloodroot gave me. It gives me chills every time I read it while I’m drying my hands. Click to make it bigger:

And that’s the bathroom!

Coming up tomorrow: the fridge, display case, and ceiling.

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