Renovations! Before and after photos part II: mural, ceiling, fridge, and display case

Let’s get into the main room, shall we?

A lot of the challenge of the building is changing parts of it that just look “old” and “rundown” to “vintage” and “cool.” The drop ceiling was a good example of this—who doesn’t hate a drop ceiling with those awful old acoustical tiles? Sheetrocking the ceiling wasn’t in our budget, and raising it to the rafters would only get us 6 inches or so, so we decided to just live with it. One day when poking around at Lowe’s I saw completely flat ceiling tiles—much better looking than those gross holey ones. I got a bunch and decided to paint half with the robin’s egg blue wall paint and maybe make a checkerboard pattern or something.

Ah, Lowe's.

Painting all those tiles was excruciatingly boring, and for some reason it was freakishly cold in the space those few days, so I got a crappy old jacket and scarf all painty. Ah well.

My graphic designer pal Kevin suggested a few less-boring designs than a plain old checkerboard, and I’m really happy with how it all turned out:

Quite Mad Men, eh?

Here’s the ceiling before:

I loved this mural, which came with the laundromat. Its cool blues fit so well with the paint, too! Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep it. Sigh.

Bye bye, my darling!

Here’s that space today:

Speaking of that fridge, can you believe it used to live at my house? Suddenly now I have a dining room! It’s amazing.

Here is it half in and half out of the house.

Let’s talk about the glorious display case. It only cost a couple hundred dollars, but somehow after putting in refrigeration, better lighting, painting it, and getting custom-cut glass shelves, it ended up costing many times that. But who cares, I’m madly in love with this vintage baby, who originally came from the storied Depuy Canal House (R.I.P.):

In the raw space, blurrily:

Jacob putting in cool new LED lights:

We’ll have to wait for photos of it in all its full, filled-up glory for the shop to open, but until then I’ve got all the dishes ready to go (note custom-cut new glass shelves!):

Another view from behind:

And a wee one from the front:

That’s it for tonight, check back soon for more!

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