Renovations! Before and after photos Part III: the mailbox

Everything at the building was crappy when we bought it. Right down to the mailbox. This battered old dude barely even opened. We probably should have replaced the post, particularly when we noticed the carpenter bees, but I didn’t mind it and it was fairly sturdy, so we didn’t. I wanted to splurge on some crazy modern mailbox, but it wasn’t in the budget.

So we got this off the rack model and turned to my new BFF, outdoor spray paint, to make it ours.

If I’d looked at this photo before starting to spray, I could have easily seen what I now see every day—I really needed to put more paper down. Alas, the parking lot now matches the building a bit more.


Also, if I’d realized how close these numbers were to the color of the paint, maybe I would have left a little square brown so they’d stand out a bit more. Ah well. The mailman, Scott, knows who we are.


I love it!

I planted some chile pepper plants under the mailbox, so hopefully they will grow up and prettify the space with multi-colored little peppers.


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