Renovations! Before and after photos Part IV: the garden

Let’s take a look at the garden, shall we?

Here’s what came before:

Note the Coke machine in the left corner, and the two car vacuums on the left side. Classy!

Post Coke machine, pre-renovation: early April.

And last week!

The planter now in the Coke machine spot.

Tomatoes, lemon verbena, and masses of pansies. And pineapple sage!

Rosemary for the caramels in front of the door, next to a cigarette butt can I got all spray painty on and planted tomatoes into.

So that’s the entrance area. My contractor pal Aaron is making a bench for the right side of the door (the left side has that pretty blue table), which I can’t wait to show you…

My green-thumbed pal Lauren helped me design and plant the garden by the Rail Trail, on the west side of the property. She’s pretty hardcore awesome.

Rail Trail garden: foxgloves, watermelon, borage!

The borage is much bigger now, and has gorgeous flowers.

I never knew about foxgloves before.

How insanely gorgeous they are.

In addition to the rail trail garden, the planter in the old Coke machine spot, and the rosemary and tomatoes by the door, we’ve got two more planters.

Remember those car vacuums?

We took them out. I know: you’re surprised. Who wouldn’t want a car vacuum at a chocolate shop? I know, I know.

We turned those spots into planters and planted tons of nasturtiums in them. They’re doing great. I eat one a day.

I never knew about fuchsias either, until Lauren persuaded me to get a hanging pot of them.

Heart-stoppingly lovely, I tell you.

More photos to come as the season progresses, my friends!

5 thoughts on “Renovations! Before and after photos Part IV: the garden

  1. The non-gardener/chef in me lives through you. The feminist in me thrives with you. OK, enough of these pro-feminist Hallmarky type comments, I really just wanted to subscribe to your blog and it is making me leave a comment in order to do so. 🙂 But seriously, I need to visit your new place when I get back from Africa! I’ll bring you a little shop warming gift. Oh, yes, please make an African inspired chocolate. Something Swahili maybe? They love their chai/ginger. They have a soda here (manufactured by Coca Cola-surprise!) called ‘Stoney Tangawizi’. Tangawizi means ginger in Swahili. I’m sure you could have fun with that one.Kwaheri!

    • Thanks, ma’am!

      Please let the record show that it was a Pepsi machine, not a Coke machine. It’s all the same to me…

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