April 2011 Chocolate of the Month: Easter Bunnies and Matzo Toffee

For posterity and record keeping, I’m making a blog post with each Chocolate of the Month as the month ends.

Here’s April!

First of all, check out the photos of this month’s CotM here.

It’s finally springtime, there are holidays coming up, and the world has been so sad lately.
Maybe a slew of happy, springy confections will help a tiny bit. It can’t hurt, right? In that spirit, here is a whole bunch of April special sweets: a warren of chocolate bunnies, and chocolate matzo toffee!

OK, you might recognize these. Am I cheating this month?
Here’s the thing: the problem with making things people really love is that they sort of get addicted to them. I’ve been making these bunnies the past few years, and I’ve already been fielding “will you have the bunnies??” and “WILL YOU HAVE THE MATZO TOFFEE???” (people who like the matzo toffee go *insane* over it and are subject to fits of being unable to write in anything but caps when it’s mentioned.) emails.

Yes! And: YES!! Here they are!

April 2011 Chocolates of the Month: Three flavors and two sizes of Chocolate Bunnies
Chocolate Matzo Toffee

The Bunnies:
2 oz solid chocolate floppy-eared bunny. Choice of:

-A solid 60% bittersweet chocolate bunny
-A solid bunny studded with crunchy bits of sweet pistachio praline
-A bittersweet chocolate bunny filled with smooth and intensely peanut buttery (not super sweet!) mousse (a revamped recipe from last year! Super creamy and delicious!).

The solid chocolate bunnies will last weeks at room temperature, but the peanut butter mousse bunnies should be refrigerated and eaten within ten days, since they have no preservatives.

6 oz solid chocolate bunny:
-A solid 60% bittersweet chocolate bunny
-A solid bunny studded with crunchy bits of sweet pistachio praline

This is a seriously heavy, plump bunny.

The matzo toffee info is here–we’re making it year-round!

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