things to do with artichokes

As I’ve mentioned, a friend emailed me asking what she can do with artichokes, and I figured I’d answer her here.

Artichauts à la Barigoule.

My pal said what she mostly does is steam them with a sauce. So do I! That’s my favorite thing to do. But she said she’s tried of that, and is looking for new sauces and things to do with artichokes. Herewith, a quick and random list of great things to do with artichokes. If you have other great preparations, let me know!

  • At my beloved BFF restaurant, Bloodroot, Noel and Selma make a cream sauce with scraped artichoke flesh, asparagus, lemon and olive oil that is puréed and cooked with flour and a light vegetable stock made with more artichokes and asparagus. I serve it with spinach pasta or vegetable bowties, tons of lemon zest, toasted pine nuts, and lots of cracked pepper. It’s a LOT OF WORK. See photos here! And more here!
  • FRIED ARTICHOKES. The best thing ever. Here’s one recipe. Lemon is essential.
  • This Provençal-style preparation is insanely delicious as well: Artichauts à la Barigoule.
  • The recipe above is a stewed dish, but braising artichokes (especially baby artichokes) in a flavorful liquid, like white wine with a bunch of green garlic and garden herbs thrown in, is really nice too. When the artichokes are cooked, reduce the sauce (whisk in a little flour if it’s really thin) and add some combination of lemon/vinegar/olive oil/shoyu/sea salt/fresh pepper until it’s tasty.
  • Here are a bunch of photos I took of artichokes last year. So pretty!
Now let’s talk about sauces. Here are five great ideas.
  • A nice lemon vinaigrette. This is especially lovely with your specialest salt. I have a smoked sea salt I love with artichokes, and also an Italian infused salt with dried sage, rosemary, and basil.
  • Any variation on cashew bechamel—from a rich, cheesey sauce, to a creamy vinaigrette.
  • If you’re used to hollandaise on ‘chokes, give almond mayo a try.
  • Chermoula. SO GREAT. My recipe is based on the one in Deborah Madison’s book Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.
  • Even better,  harissa and chermoula sauces, so you can dip each leaf into each sauce. INCREDIBLE. My harissa recipe is also based on the one in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone!
Have fun! Let me know how it goes!

5 thoughts on “things to do with artichokes

  1. It will be a few months before there are artichokes in Australia again, sadly, but I have bookmarked.

    And anytime you want to post that mushroom/walnut pate recipe, I’d be VERY grateful. pl

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