Renovations! Before and after photos Part V: the counter


I love this counter so much.

I bought it real cheap from a deli that had gone out of business.

It wasn’t anything fancy.

In fact, it was pretty ugg.

But I loved it instantly because it had CUBBIES!! Oh me oh my I loves me some cubbyholes.

Bags! Boxes! Deli waxy paper! Stickers! Vegan starter kits! The top-secret list of who’s not allowed at the shop! (Really just one vile rabid right wing Republican, who lives around the corner and whose beliefs about marriage equality are so disgustingly neanderthal-ish that I couldn’t ever bear to have his energies near my revolutionary chocolates.)

I set about repainting the counter the inverse of the rest of the shop: brown with blue trim.

I commissioned the unbelievable Andrew Gray to make a custom countertop, which he amazingly agreed to do in exchange for chocolates.

The new over the old.


(And look at the gross laminate countertop it replaced!)

Andrew giving the wood a final rubdown. Every Sunday night I clear everything off it and rub some mineral oil onto the surface. We decided not to suffocate it with polyurethane, in order to let the wood breathe and settle and change and wear gracefully over time.

It feels amazing.

Top was installed. It was beautiful.

But it needed one more thing: WORDS!

Kate and Kevin from Dresser Johnson designed a glorious giant vinyl sticker for the little manifesto I’d written about the chocolates. They brought their usual obsessive attention to detail to the sticker installation.

(They UNINTENTIONALLY dress alike most days. I KID YOU NOT.)

Meticulous! No air pockets!

(Click to make it bigger so you can read it. Be sure to notice the zillion bruises my legs incurred in the process of moving and setting up shop!)

It’s so perfect now.

Have I mentioned that I love this counter?

So, so, so much.

4 thoughts on “Renovations! Before and after photos Part V: the counter

  1. i’m living vicariously through you.. for years I’ve wanted to own a little vegan shop/cafe. I’m not settled (geographically) enough to open one. Maybe one day, when I emigrate…until then, I’ll enjoy your posts about shopkeeper life…

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  3. I love your little shop and all of your beautiful chocolates. My husband and I just signed the lease on our cute little storefront in Sandpoint, Idaho and I found your blog last night. It was like looking at the plans in my head come to life. Thank you for all of the wonderful inspiration and showing that it can be done.

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