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I asked my fabulous graphic designers, Kate and Kevin from Dresser Johnson, if they’d share a bit about the utterly breathtaking logo they made for Lagusta’s Luscious. I knew they’d have some bits of brilliance to share, and here they are:

I'm forever grateful to K+K for digitally fixing my posture!

About the Lagusta’s Luscious Logo:

Lagusta’s chocolate is not just a dessert, it has a powerful voice. A chocolatier that chooses to use local, fair-trade, and vegan ingredients with inspiration by noted feminist activists is making a political statement.

Our goal as graphic designers is to make work that is original and as best as we can, timeless. A necessary ingredient of this logo was to capture Lagusta’s bold personality and feminist stance. We thought that a Victorian-era cameo would be a wonderful style to draw Lagusta’s portrait. There is an optical illusion within the silhouette that speaks volumes about Lagusta’s personality. Once you discover it, you will never see artwork as you did upon first glance. Finally, we paired our own custom Art Deco-inspired lettering to capture Lagusta’s love of all things vintage. In the end, we are left with a mark that is scrumptious and sophisticated like the hand-crafted chocolate.

Kevin Dresser and Kate Johnson are the design team of Dresser Johnson. They have designed custom typefaces, exhibition graphics, books, illustrations and pictograms for a wide-range of clients. Their clients include The Museum of Modern Art, Columbia University, NBC Universal, Conde Nast, The Smithsonian Museum and many more. You may have some work by Dresser Johnson in your medicine cabinet. They recently redesigned the logo for the Band-Aid packages.

View their work online at www.DresserJohnson.com

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