Holiday buying guide

Happy holiday season!

We’re ramping up like crazy right now in anticipation of our busiest season of the year. Here are a few guidelines for holiday ordering:

-First of all, I’m worried. In the past, the website has been our sole revenue stream, but now we have the shop–but we don’t have a much larger workforce to handle all the orders. We’re growing slowly, but this season is going to be crazy for us. Thus, there is a slight possibility we might need to close down website orders early this year. So I highly recommend placing orders early and including a note with what date you’d like them shipped out by. Better safe than sorry!

Now on to what chocolates to order!

A few notes:

-Keep in mind that many of our chocolates are made with farm-fresh ingredients and should be eaten within a week or two. Most will last weeks at cool room temperature, or in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Solid chocolates that will keep weeks at cool room temperature: 

–All of the bars and barks! Yay!

The Chocolate Toffee Matzo.

The Heathen Toffee.

–The Intense Anatomical Hearts

–Ye Olde Vulvaz!

–The fabulous Vandana Shivas

Filled chocolates that should be eaten within three weeks:

–The Croissant-Infused Caramels.

–The RSSC! (that is: Rosemary Sea Salt Caramels!)

–Pauline Benjamin’s PB Cups

Peppermint Patties

Truffles and other filled chocolates that should be eaten within 1.5-2 weeks:

–The Pyramids

–The Raspberries de Pizan

–All the truffles!

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